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"Poetry is the breath and finer spirit of all knowledge."

"Most of what we’re consuming today is not food, and how we’re consuming it — in the car, in front of the TV, and increasingly alone — is not really eating. Instead of food, we’re consuming edible foodlike substances" — no longer the products of nature but of food science.

—Michael Pollan, from In Defense of Food

Pollan explores the landscape of the American diet, where food has been replaced by nutrients, and common sense by confusion. The result is what he calls the American paradox: The more we worry about nutrition, the less healthy we seem to become. (via ucresearch)

(via ucresearch)


Can I get a better place to let go it all?
Can I figure out what I want and how to be on top of it all?
I’m capturing all of my movements, captivated by knowing what I need to do and how to reassemble
Adjust my lens to see clear this Okinawa coming, it’s my turn to dance with my devils.
I’m saying good bye folks
Eye closed and the other looking through scope
Fingers gripping the handle of the rifle
Itching to pull it
Aiming at the man in the mirror
What am I prepared to die for?
I’m just tired.
I’m just weary.
No days off, I’m always putting in work even when I’m dreary.

You’re just the man that looks over the edging with nothing to see
And the oceans looking back at you
Yeah, its got you, and all of your dreams.

I’m day dreaming a lot about applauses that I think I deserve
Always self-conflicted about what I deserve.
Asking myself simple questions: what does it take to get what you want? How is relevant to your self-worth?
I entitled myself to gold cause the bronze I’m polishing has been needed adjustment since birth.
And lacking impatience isn’t gonna get me father, it’s not gonna tell me where to go cause I already got one father, fuck it I don’t need another.


My eyes burn, I’m lacking patience, all I see is Indigo
Coursing through my veins, I’m taking the fog as a symbol that’s blocking my clarity
Visions of a different me; I’m looking up to skies that don’t want the best of me.
Eyes blurred, visions stirred, I’m going fucking senile
Doing your best isn’t enough; I break down before you can break me down.
It’s like, the older I get the more fearful I become: not having a family and bein the only one
Marching to the sound of my own drum, man all I’ve ever wanted was simple treasures
But my head is getting filled with bigger dreams, I’m knowing not to get caught in simple pleasures.
Rapture like a mo’fucka’ and I ain’t playin with mo’fuckas’
That’s the voices in my head keeping me sane, keeping me real and letting everything get surreal
Disciplining myself for the glory I give my own appeal.

Taking Place

How it all began, I can’t remember how to start puttin the pieces together
My past is creepin up every time I look in the mirror and I can’t seem to get it together.
I’m thinking I got a hold on the situation
Yeah, I’m looking for that old word grasp
[faster] but I put up whatever’s in my hand up: I’m still the same dude that’s too shy to wave hello cause I’m psyching myself out of good things that I know will last.
Let me see you do better, let me see you get out clean-I like my dirty hands
I’ll get the job done-I wish I wasn’t being neglected by the people I wish wouldn’t be in my past.

[verse II]

I keep bringing up your name like I’m expecting you to be that somebody else
I keep telling me to get over what’s taking place and get on with the true self
Nobody gives a fuck about me: I smile and keep pursuing to build this wealth.
I’m phantom on this all
I’m the kid that never balled
I’m the dreamer in this world, yeah but I like to get raw.
I like to write and ignore bitches that always call; I’m chasing the ones that don’t
I ain’t got no problems, just solutions to this life’s minority vote.


Burning bridges that I’ve crossed over just to carry on, doing what I do best
Being a visionary, looking past others that aren’t complimentary
I’m creating my own pieces in this game of chest.
Talking shit about me, I don’t think that they’re wasting their time
Keeping my name in their vocabulary cause they already know it comes before the word ‘shine’.
The confidence is not do to my ego
Shows up here, sometimes not there
I still got work to do, not being equal in all parts has got me a little scared
But heaven only knows: I’m here to brighten up new patches of darkness, I’ll leave the imitation up to these other glares.

[Verse II]

I’m getting to understand that not everything will go my way, not every decision will be right that I make and not every dinner is gonna include steak
Not always gonna be surrounded by the people who’ll make me great
Enough with the enough, bullshit is welcome but I won’t let it dine with me, success is my real date.

Friday Morning Morning Shift

A day dreamer caught in the whisper that you speak
Run through the scenarios once more, just to get it right and have it finely tuned;
To be a modern Spartan is my aim, but I can’t even begin to so that when it’s hard to look at you.
And the states become commonplace with hellos, good mornings and good byes
I wish you could see what I see, to seek the serenity lying in those eyes.
And I’m animal at first when I catch my gaze snapping photos of yourself
The stages become logical; I begin to think with the heart and feel with the mind.
Simplicity is difficult when you over think it
There’s something about you…I’m not just an animal when you’re around
Vessels pump: my mouth waters
My breathing rises: my muscles tense
My eyes lower; I seek to portray damage on good terms
Memories are important to me, and I want mine to light up your mind like a lantern.